Support for OV4689 camera module or other high frame rate CSI camera

Hello, does anyone have information if OV4689 sensor is supported? I need to run it at low resolution at 320 frames per second for manufacturing defect inspection. If this is not supported, does anyone know some high framerate cameras (ideally with global shutter), with CSI interface and most importantly - below $200?

hello maksym.walczak,

we don’t have such reference driver to support 320-fps.
you may download L4T Jetson Nano R32.2.1 Sources via Jetson Download Center, you may also check our reference camera sensor drivers as below,

may I know what’s your high frame-rate use-case,
suggest you should contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions,

Thank you for your reply. I need it for monitoring a manufacturing process and to stop the machine if an error occurs. My hope is that I will be able to process at least 100 frames per second in real time. The computer vision algorithm is quite trivial and needs a very small portion of the screen. However, for evaluation, I’d need a camera which has at least 300fps in VGA resolution, just like the omnivision sensor I mentioned. The module should work over CSI interface for minimal overhead and delay. Basically anything with similar specs to the omnivision sensor will do (in terms of the interface, camera size, framerate and resolutoin at the highest framerate). A global shutter would be a plus but is not necessary.


I wanna buy Jetson Nano card for AI but, I have to learn Jetson Nano is compatible or not with any

MPI(Myocardial Perfusion Imaging) cameras.

Thank you.

recepmehmetakgul I don’t think this is relevant to the post here…
I would be very thankful for a list of high frame rate sensors compatible with Tegra. I’ve read source code of some drivers, but many of them don’t seem to allow for higher frame rate than the actual maximum supported by some cameras. Who should I exactly contact for the camera I need? The only thing close to my needs I found is IMX274 but it’s very expensive compared to the OmniVision and I don’t need 4k.

hi all,

please contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for high-frame-rate camera solutions,

It should be possible to use the RPI v1.3 or v2 cameras at those frame rates mainly by tweaking the exposure times in the driver code to lower values. However it would require bright external lighting given the extremely short exposure times. Here is the post on the rpi forums where it is discussed. At some point I plan to test higher frame rates on our v1.3 camera driver to see what is possible.

Hello, did you find a solution to this? I am working on a similar project.