Support for Phong Shading in Isaac Gym

Hi everyone,

I’m currently setting up a simulation that will involve rendered camera images of a set of matt objects. I was trying to obtain the corresponding visual effect using the following MTL material definition:

newmtl Material.001
Kd 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ka 0.457531 0.380438 0.299976
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Ns 0.
illum 2

However, in the rendered camera images, the sticks are shown in black color. Playing around with the entries in the material defintion, I realized that that only the Kd values seem to have any effect on the visual appearance of the rendered objects.

Is this intentional behavior? Or am I missing some key step when loading the asset? The code for asset loading is as follows:

asset_options = gymapi.AssetOptions()
asset_options.default_dof_drive_mode = 0
asset_options.fix_base_link = False
asset_options.disable_gravity = False
asset_options.thickness = 0.001
self.asset = gym.load_asset(sim, asset_root, urdf_path, asset_options)

If the observed behavior is the expected one, is there a plan to support the Phong shading model (or any other tunable shading model) in the future?

Best Regards