support for RHE/CentOS 6.4


I have multiple systems which I want to upgrade to CentOS 6.4, which runs the Xorg 1.13 server. I have read in the CentOS release notes that many nvidia drivers will not work with the new Xorg 1.13 because of a changed ABI. Can anyone tell me if there are nvidia drivers available which support the following under CentOS 6.4/Xorg 1.13:

(1) I have a Quadro4 980 XGL which was using the ELrepo kmod-nvidia-96xx package. This was based on the nvidia 1.0-96xx legacy driver, I believe, although the latter stopped working directly with this card when I switched from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6 a year or two ago and I had to start using the ELrepo stuff instead of nvidia’s own 1.0-9639. I have read one opinion from someone outside nvidia who believes that, according to nvidia’s own driver page notes, even the very latest versions of
nvidia’s own legacy driver will not yet work with Xorg 1.13. Is this true or not, and if not (i) which nvidia driver will work with this card under Xorg 1.13, and (ii) will it work directly or will I again have to install some ELrepo repackaging of it to get it to run properly?

(2) I have several Asus EN9600GT/HTDI/512M/A cards. These are currently running under CentOS 6.3 using nvidia’s own
310.32 driver. Is there an nvidia driver, perhaps the latest 310.40, that will work with this card under CentOS 6.4 and Xorg 1.13?


I’m running CentOS 6.4 and NVIDIA drivers (313.xx) work beautifully here - so your 9600GT will work too without any problems.

I cannot say anything about other drivers’ versions.

96.43.23 drivers which support your Quadro support only server up to 1.12, so there’s a chance these drivers won’t work with server 1.13.

Still, you can upgrade to CentOS 6.4 without upgrading xorg* packages (man yum.conf - the exclude option).

Thanks, birdie!