Support for <transmission> tag in robot models for Isaac Orbit and Sim

My team and I are currently using Isaac Gym for reinforcement learning with robotic arms. We have encountered some robot models that utilize the tag in their URDF files to accurately describe the robot’s model of movement. However, we noticed that this tag isn’t fully supported in Isaac Orbit and Sim.

We are planning to migrate our environment to Isaac Orbit and were wondering if there is an alternative method to achieve the desired movement without relying on the tag. If not, we are considering contributing to the Isaac Orbit project by adding this functionality.

Before proceeding with this contribution, we wanted to gauge the community’s interest and get your opinions on whether this feature would be beneficial to others working with robot models in Isaac Orbit and Sim.

We would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or experiences you can share regarding this matter. If there is significant interest, we will be happy to work on implementing support for the tag in Isaac Orbit.

Thank you in advance for your input and support!

Thanks for proposing this.
I believe it would indeed be useful. However it would be great if you contribute some working examples/doc in addition to the core feature itself.

It would be useful to continue this as a feature/issue in Orbit discussion.