Support for VisualStudio 2017?


Our project is going to switch to VisualStudio2017 from VisualStudio2015 soon.
So, I try compiling PhysX on VS2017 then some errors showed up with an message:
“Visual studio 2017 is not supported because of a compiler bug, support will be enabled once a fix is out.”

This site discussed the bug and MS staff replied the bug has been fixed in the latest update.
(I checked it and it did)

I guess now it is okay to officialy support VS2017.
What do you have planned for it? It would be big help for us.

Thank you

PhysX does officially support VS2017 since this bug has been fixed, please update the source through github. You will need at least VC 15.5.1 to compile it.


Thank you for replying.
we looked into an older version that released last year.
I made sure one in the latest version can be built perfectly with VS2017.