Support from NVIDIA or qualified developers Is there any support (paid even) from NVIDIA or qualifie


So I’m having some serious issues with a program I’m trying to write (issues can be found in thread and while some members on the forum have suggested ideas, so far nothing has worked. At this point, I’m willing to consider paying for support or help if I can and I’m wondering if there are any channels on which I can talk to an NVIDIA developer or any other qualified developers who might be able to provide some support in regards to my issue.


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How much do you offer me to post the solution in your thread? :devil:

Ha, I’m a student and by no means rich. How much are you looking for? Also, do you know whats wrong and have you been able to get it to run correctly on a Fermi device?

I’m already typing in the other window…

As you are a student, I will offer my advice free of charge. Haven’t actually run the code though. You get what you pay for… :biggrin: