Support Multi-process Service (MPS) on Amere (i.e., RTX 3090)?

As far as I know A100 takes MIG (Multi-instance GPU) and RTX 3090 does not support MIG.
So, I am wondering Amere (i.e., RTX 3090) supports Multi-process Service (MPS).


Looking at the docs, “MPS requires a GPU with compute capability version 3.5 or higher.”, so you should qualify:

I am wondering whether it supports hardware-based MPS.
I know hardware-based MPS works for Volta and Turing, but not sure ampere, especially RTX 3090.

I admit I am speaking from a position of ignorance, but my take from Robert’s comment here Hyper-Q technology is that all hardware since 3.5 has hardware features for MPS use.

Edit: I see your point re the extra MPS hardware features for Volta and Turing, but looking at the Turing arch doc, this only applies to the Tesla versions, so perhaps this is just a Tesla (Quadro?) extra?