support of centos 7?

Cuda 6.5 RC is available and I am wondering how is the support of centos 7?

Supported Linux versions should be listed in the Getting Started Guide for Linux that is part of the installation package, have you checked there?

I had the same question so I tested Cuda 6.5 on Centos 7. Fortunately, it seems that the support of Centos 7 is not bad.
You can try to compile and run programs in cuda_by_examples which is an introductory tutorial form NVIDIA.

I don’t see anywhere that says that CUDA 6.5 supports CentOS 7.
[url]CUDA Toolkit Documentation

Actually, I am writing CUDA codes under CentOS 7 now.

That is good to know. The list published by NVIDIA shows the supported distributions. That means CUDA has been tested with those distributions, and if something doesn’t work as specified, it is considered a bug. Several other Linux distributions may work out of the box, or by making minor adjustments, but NVIDIA does not provide any guarantees that they will work.

My understanding is that CentOS is based on RHEL, so any version of CentOS that is compatible with one of the officially supported RHEL versions has a good chance of working well with CUDA.

Would you mind shed a light on how to do it? I’ve got a CentOS 7 running with the most recent NVIDIA driver.

I would suggest using CUDA 7 RC instead (available now to registered developers.) It has stated support for RHEL7/CentOS7. CUDA 6.5 may work as well, as others have already indicated. If you want to install any version of CUDA, I would just follow the relevant CUDA getting started guide. For CUDA 6.5 it is here:


Thanks txbob, I’d give the CUDA 7 RC a try first.