Support of NVCC for C99 headers (stdint.h, inttypes.h, ..) and C++ 11 constructs

I am wondering whether in device code I can include the - very useful - C99 standard headers (stdint.h, inttypes.h, …) ? I think in the most recent visual studio version (2013) they are now available (were missing in older ones).

Furthermore, i would like to know which C++ 11 constructs are already available in device code and when we can expect that the first features will be supported by NVCC.

If you need only a few typedefs from stdint.h like uint64_t then you could write them into your own header file.

I only need uint64_t and uint8_t so I wrote in my header file

typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t
typedef unsigned char uint8_t

But be careful if you develop for different architectures, because on a 32bit machine this could be not 64bit!