Support on Mac OS X

U just have to look at the numbers of views to see how important this post is,

Still waiting,

I was really hoping for some announcement at Macworld, but it has come and gone and no news. So it seems that it is still not possible to use CUDA neither on the MacBook Pro nor on the new MacPro… Please make it work! I don’t want to boot into Linux on those machines! :(


It would really be great if you would give a ETA on a CUDA for MAC OS X kit. Since you have mention it being on the way, a reply is very much appreciated. Otherwise some of us have to look in a different direction :-(… soon.


Dear NVidia,

I’d like join the preceedors questioning when we can expect CUDA on Mac OS X? I wish to support this platform with my software that will work with CUDA, and right now Mac OS X seems to stay behind just because lack of CUDA. OSX is great OS though.

I too would like to see CUDA support on OS X now that 8800 GT’s and quadro 5600’s are available in the Mac Pro.

I am also eagerly waiting for MacOS X support.
On a related note, can anyone confirm if the new bi-quad-core Mac Pros support putting two 8800 cards (not necessarily in SLI)? The apple website let you choose 2 Radeons but not 2 GeForces. I would love to get one of these soon, but I need to be sure it will support CUDA very well (and apparently the chipset does).

Last declaration from NVIDIA, 18th of October:

A month or so later… Well, it’s been 3-4 months now, and we still have no news, no ETA, nothing! I think a simple answer is not too much to ask. We are ready to wait, that’s not the point, but we need to know where we’re going.

Enjoy it!!!

So, is this the only option we have to get an 88xx class card in the (older) 4-core MacPro? This is one case where I I’d hate paying the Apple premium, and wonder if you can by a PC “certified” card and flash it with some new firmware. Anyone know if this is possible? (Plus, why not get an 8800 GTX or Ultra).

Right on!!! Thanks NVIDIA!!