Supported HW components

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The Jetson Xavier devkit implements HW components that are EOL, obsolete or cannot be purchased in short quantity, examples of those are:

  • audio codec ALC5658
  • Bridge PCIe-SATA 88SE9170/71
  • Ethernet PHY module 88E1512PB2

How do we find out replacement parts that are validated/supported by the Jetpack?
The OEM product design guide does not provide such information.

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Here are SCL:
For third-party components that are not in SCL, customer should check with vendor for support.

Hello answerer,

This SCL does not contain much, does it? In other words, it is not much useful for a HW guy.
How about asking the jetpack SW engineers? Starting with the simplest: what HW codecs are supported by the SW drivers?

Or do I HW-guy need to dig into the SW-code to figure out?
A bit of help would be appreciatedin that case, thank you.

The SCL contains all devices supported/validated by hardware and software.

You might check this out: