Supported quadrupeds

Hi Guys,
Is the laikago quadruped supported by Isaac sdk? mini mit cheetah? dogotix? bostondynamix spot? Neither? Any of these? To what extent? Is there documentation on how to setup and use it with the quadruped?

Hi Andrey
You may have seen the documentation that we do support Laikago quadruped. We know of developers that have taken this and ported to Spot Mini and other similar quadrupeds.

Thank you for your response.
However, Likago is kind of obsolete model by Unitree, it also uses tx2 jetson;
Newest models are A1 & Aliengo.
I am trying to find out how to integrate A1 with NX Jetson , Livox lidar & IsaaC Likago driver. The latter seems to need to be modified somehow.