Supported TensorRT version on DRIVE PX2 with driveworks-1.2

Hi! I have a TensorRT question recently.
It has something to do with the version problem so I was recommended to query here.
I have my DRIVE PX2 with driveworks-1.2 and CUDA-9.2 which TensorRT 4 is supported.
However, the recommendation needs me to use TensorRT version 5 or higher which is said to be incompatible with CUDA-9.2.
Is it possible to deploy my TensorRT engine generated by using TensorRT 5 api on my DRIVE PX2? Thanks!

Hello @imugly1029,
If you generate an engine with TensorRT 5 you ought to run it with the same version of TensorRT (especially as you need a capability existing in TRT 5 and not in TRT 4).
As described in the Driveworks-1.2 release notes, section 1.5 declares the software dependencies where SDK Manager installs TRT 4.0.3. with driveworks-1.2
We don’t officially support changing SW versions from the declared dependencies as it might cause unexpected behaviors of other modules.

Note that, DW 1.2 is a very old version and all our releases now are targetted towards DRIVE AGX platform.
If possible, please consider upgrading to DRIVE AGX to get new features and updated libraries like TensorRT.

Hello @imugly1029,
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Dear @shayNV:
OK! I see. Thanks for your help!