Supported value for --neural_vad_nn.optimization_graph_level

What are the supported values of --neural_vad_nn.optimization_graph_level

Getting different results for

  1. VAD telephony Marblenet | NVIDIA NGC
  2. Riva Marblenet Voice Activity Detection | NVIDIA NGC


Hi @mehadi.hasan

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I will check with the team and provide answers


Hi @mehadi.hasan

I have inputs from the team

--neural_vad_nn.optimization_graph_level refers to the triton onnx backend graph optimization settings

optimization {
  graph : {
    level : 1

Please Refer : GitHub - triton-inference-server/onnxruntime_backend: The Triton backend for the ONNX Runtime.
The model was only tested with -1


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