Supporting binary file outputs from ParaView

Currently, ParaView connector exports USDA format.
Would it be possible to have an option to switch to .usdc format?

The fact that simulation data has a large file size and is in a text file format affects the loading speed, especially for real-time visualization of simulation data, which requires fast data loading, which means that real-time performance is lost for analysis results with large amounts of data.


Hello takashi1,
Thank you for posting, I will bring your inquiry to the developers for review towards an answer.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello takashi1,
A developer has reviewed your inquiry and has the following response:
“With the public version of the connector, it does give Usdc output when writing to an Omniverse server. So you can just write to a local Omniverse server instead of the filesystem.”
I hope this solution is helpful.