Surface Gripper off-center in single manipulator

Hello there,

First of all, thanks for adding new features and extensions.

I have developed my own single manipulator with a surface gripper. Now, I am working on a picking and placing of really smalls pieces (1-2mm) and as I was reducing the size of the DynamicCube I realized there is an off-center of the end effector regarding the center of the cube.

There is a “sweet distance” where there is no off-center (my case 0,3 from the robot base). From there, the off-center increases (+ -) as the distance of the cube position in relation to the sweet spot increases.

This problem also happens when running standalone applications (as in the single manipulation tutorials explains).

Is this normal? Is it to improve? Or is it only me having this issue?

Thank you very much!

Sorry for the late reply. Are you still having this issue? If so, can you post your code so that I can attempt to replicate it?

No problem, it was the RMPFlow configuration, the manipulator was not perfectly tuned. Thanks!

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