Surround becomes unstable with latest drivers

My setup is: 6 4k monitors, of which I use three to make a surround, while leaving remaining 3 as “regular” monitors.
Recently I noticed frequent driver crashes with firefox, factorio, some other games.
What should I do? How can I help developers to fix this problem?

Also I heard that surround as a technology is pretty much abandoned and nvidia uses mosaic now. How to use mosaic? Because I see no such option in nvidia control panel.

Found this post and your other one while trying to solve a similar issue …

Mosaic is available with RTX Desktop Manager, however it’s unavailable for non-Quatro which was a wash for me.
NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager Download Page

What ultimately worked was setting up a custom canvas layout using FancyZones via Microsoft PowerToys.
Microsoft PowerToys Main Page

With the custom layout I’m able to maximize windows across any number of monitors or snap windows into predefined areas as needed. It’s a productivity dream.


Thank you @jgladwill for this input and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I’ve been playing with Fancy Zones myself a bit, but didn’t realize you could also use it to span monitors. Neat!

Thank you for the reply, but still it doesn’t help with frequent driver crashes.
What I presume is happening is when you try to rearrange windows that utilizes the vcard the driver crashes.
Like for example you’re playing the game, and watch the twitch stream at the same time - everything runs fine. But if you decide to resize the window of the browser, or launch another application that uses vcard and resize it’s window - boom, the driver gets smashed.

So again - does nvidia tools store logs somewhere? Where I can find them so I can send them to the devs? Or what should I do?

And before you ask - latest nvidia drivers, 3060ti + 1050ti. And yes - that might be too underperforming vcards for such a setup, but for linux it’s fine. No crashes there. It’s windows that struggles with those.

Tried to install RTX Desktop Manager, and it said to me that it cannot be installed on my machine. So yeah - I hope mosaic will be available sooner for the desktop devices if all the effort went into it, and since the surround got abandoned.