Surveillance Camera Integration w/ TX1

I recently bought a TX1 for a prototype that I’m making and I’d like to make sure that the video formats from these cameras are compatible and that these cameras could be easily integrated (Ideally via USB). Any help would be much appreciated.

hello jjustus,

you could refer to the Tegra Linux Driver Package Developer Guide 24.2.1 Release to confirm the supported video formats.

Can you provide me with a link to this?

This is what I found and wasn’t too useful.


If you go here you’ll find the R24.2.1 page (some downloads here may require a separate login from the forums):

Within that, under Driver Package, is Documentation. After unpacking the documentation there contains “index.html” and “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide.html”. If you want the PDF version, go to subdirectory “Tegra Liux Driver Package Development Guide/baggage/”…this contains the PDF version.

Great, thank you. Is there a way to make a camera that is currently not listed under supported cameras work on the TX1? Either through some sort of converter or programming an application to receive its video feed?

“I am not a camera guy”…but driver development for sensors is one of the biggest topics on the forums. If you had a particular camera in mind you might note where to see the specs and ask what effort would be needed for that…no doubt someone will have some good information on that.

Thanks, I’ll give it try.

“Software Features”->“Video Decoders” section in mentioned in comment #4 can tell if streaming formats of surveillance cameras are supported or not.