Survey: GDDCcontrol issues with NVIDIA drivers (i2c/monitor/display/DDC)

Hi birdie / ricklee518,
Fix has been incorporated into latest beta driver release. Please try and share your test results.

I can confirm i2c workarounds are no longer required with drivers 455.28.

A seven-year old bug has finally been fixed. Hooray.

Thank you!

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Thanks birdie for test results…

GTX 1050 Ti over HDMI not working out-of-the-box on Ubuntu 20.04 drivers 470.57.02.
Do I need to configure something?

I have a GT 1030 over HDMI and it only works when the nvidia_drm module is not loaded or when nvidia-drm.modeset is 0

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This shouldn’t happen, please upload nvidia-bug-report.

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Actually upgraded to Ubuntu 21.04 same issue there.
Card is an Asus GTX 1050 Ti.

DDC Control just says :

No monitor supporting DDC/CI available.

If your graphics card need it, please check all the required kernel modules are loaded (i2c-dev, and your framebuffer driver).

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (328.3 KB)

I looked a bit more into it and I found this post which fixes it for me. It seems it wasn’t working because the workaround in my xorg config wasn’t doing anything, my driver version is 470.57.02 so the workaround might still be necessary on some cards.

AFAIK this workaround shouldn’t be required any longer. Maybe NVIDIA developers haven’t addressed all the corner cases.