Suse 10.3Can not install driver

hi, guys.

How to install the driver of 8600GTS to Suse 10.3?

Nvidia:could not open the device file/dev/nvdia0(input/output error).

(EE)NVIDIA(0): the nvidia kernel module does not appear to be receiving

(EE)NVIDIA(0): interrupts generated by the Nvidia graphics device

(EE)NVIDIA(0): please see chapter 8: common problems in the

(EE)NVIDIA(0): readme for additional information .

(EE)NVIDIA(0):failed to initialize the nvidia graphics device !

(EE)SCREEN(S):found, but none have a useable configuration


no screens found

giving up.

xinit: connection reset by peer (errno 104): unable to connected to x server

xinit: No such process (errno 3):

server error

See the driver README for instructions.