Suspicious run with nvprof

The Ethminer has an option to just run some test in order to calculate the hash rate. That works for me. However, when I run nvprof with some metrics and options as below

nvprof --concurrent-kernels on --profile-api-trace all \
--profile-from-start on --system-profiling off --unified-memory-profiling per-process-device \
 --track-memory-allocations off --device-buffer-size 8 --device-cdp-buffer-size 8 \
--openacc-profiling on --devices 0 --aggregate-mode on \
--metrics flop_sp_efficiency,flop_count_sp,flop_count_sp_add,flop_count_sp_fma,flop_count_sp_mul,flop_count_sp_special \
-o run1.nvvp --log-file-verbose run1.nv.log ethminer -U -M 0

the calculated has rate will be zero and the profiler finishes quickly.

Is that normal? Any thought?