Swap and Unknown MAC address Jetson Orin Nano 4GB

I’m using a Jetson Orin Nano 4GB with two Ethernets. The IPs are statics and are associated with the eth0 and eth1 interfaces. The mac address is swapping between the eth1 and eth0, but in a quite strange way. The if config always says that the eth0 and eth1 have the same mac, but in an option of the Ubuntu UI, appears one mac that not shows in ifconfig and the other is right, but in the wrong eth. And of course the pings to other devices that are connected don’t work. I don’t know well what is happening.

This is the output of the ip link command

Thank you so much

Are you saying that you saw the different mac address on ifconfig and GUI?

What is the 2nd etherent here? A extra PCIe NIC?

If the 2nd eth is not there, will this situation happen?

I have two ethernet ports asociated to two diferent macs address.
Sometimes when I boot my ethernets works and sometimes not, but always the ifconfig output is the same.
The ip address in ifconfig and GUI is the same, but in the Identity section appear an unknown mac, even if it works or not, this could not be the problem. But the macs or interfaces are swaping.
I also see that the unknown mac changes in each reboot.

Here we can see that the ip and mac are the same in GUI

But in this section appears like a random MAC address

With the macchanger appears more clearly, the actual mac of eth1 is always the same, but the permanent mac changes randomly in every reboot


Please try to reply the question first.

What is the exact thing for that “eth1”? Of course I know it is a 2nd etherent port. My point is what kind of NIC is in use there? Which brand? What phy?

Please also share your dmesg from jetson when issue happened.


We cannot reproduce your issue locally. And we notice one thing here.

When installing macchanger, there is one option here. Did you accidentally choose “yes” so it keeps changing your mac address?

No I choosed no, I’m not using the regular board of nvidia, is a board from another company that is built using the jetson orin nano system. I’m talking to them at the same time. In their datasheet not appear any NIC name.
I will try to ask them too

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The company is forecr.io and is this board: Jetson Orin NX & Orin Nano Dual LAN Carrier Board - DSBOARD-ORNX-LAN | Forecr.io
They give us a new script and now it looks like the ifconfig is displaying the MAC address right. If we boot the system removing tension it don’t work, which not happen if is rebooted using OS.
Probably is leaving the port open or something like that.
One mac is changing and the other is static as before.

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