Swapped eyes and sometimes SteamVR crashes?

With most of our VR experiences SteamVR runs fine, but with one particular VR experience, Steam VR runs fine on some computers, but on other computers (those that are VMs in the cloud) we get an approximately 50% chance of crashing on game startup (after the SteamVR void) with the error “SteamVR has encountered a critical error.”

With this one particular VR experience, on computers where it runs fine everything looks normal, but on the computers with a 50% chance of crashing the left and right eye are swapped.

Anyone encountered this or have any idea what the problem could be? Thank you!

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Hi @alex.coulombe - Can you please provide logs as to when the left and right eyes are swapped?



We might have met a similar issue (but I have not seen myself to be 100% sure it was eyes inversion). Any update on the topic, like a fix or a workaround ?

Unfortunately no fix or workaround yet.

I don’t know that we’ve seen this internally. Only time I’ve had crashes with steam is at launch, prior to getting a frame.

As Veronica notes, it would be helpful to see client and server logs from a run where eyes are swapped, in case they give any direction for investigating the root cause.

In the meanwhile, I’ll raise this internally and see if it rings any bells.

Just wanted to share that we have had this issue as well.

What’s curious is that we have many identical cloned VMs, and the critical error only appears on a few of them - suggesting it’s perhaps an odd timing issue?

We don’t see “left and right eyes getting swapped” but a kind of crazy skew applied to the camera, like the projection matrix gets corrupted.

We’re trying to track down what triggers the issue, any further info is very welcome!