Swapping GPUs with the same Driver

We are having an issue with our Tesla P40 GPU which is effecting our operations. We would like to check if this is a hardware issue by swapping it with a similar GPU we have on hand. We currently have a Tesla p40 installed with Driver Version: 410.72 and CUDA Version: 10.0. We would like to swap this for a Tesla K20m and would like to know if this GPU will function with this driver and CUDA version?

Thank you,
Alexander Battey

Yes, that GPU (Tesla K20m) will function with 410.72 driver and CUDA 10.0

I don’t know for sure if it will work in whatever system you are using, or for whatever codes you are running. There are a number of things required for Tesla GPU compatibility. I wouldn’t be able to enumerate every possible consideration.

I understand thank you. The driver compatibility was my main concern.

Have a good day!