Switch between different versions'Jetson of SD on NX platform

On the NX platform, burning the Jetson5.0.2 system to the new SD1 card is currently able to start normally and the program is running smoothly; Subsequently, unplug the SD1 card and insert the old Jetson4.6.3 system SD card into the NX board, but it cannot boot properly. The error message is’ please ESC in second to skip startup.nsh or any other key to continue '. What should I do to switch between different versions of Jetson

There is no way to do that between jetpack4 and jetpack 5.

If you want to use sdcard with jetpack4 image, then you must flash your board with jetpack4 bootloader first. Same to jetpack5 case.

Some added information on why this is the case: Jetsons do not have a BIOS, and the equivalent of what a BIOS does, along with bootloader and other boot code, is not part of the rootfs partition. On an eMMC model, there are partitions in eMMC which are the equivalent of the BIOS plus boot content; on an SD card model, that content is in QSPI memory on the module itself. One has to flash the Jetson itself (the module) to change that QSPI memory (which is independent of the SD card).

Each release of the flashed content has a few releases of rootfs it is compatible with, but usually one would need to flash that non-rootfs content with a new release (which is guaranteed to work, but not flashing new QSPI content is not a guarantee) for any significant change in release version. In the case of going from L4T R32.x to R35.x (L4T is what actually gets flashed, see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”) it is guaranteed that the QSPI content of one is not compatible with the rootfs of another.

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