Switching from Argus to V4L2 Camera Source


I’m working on a camera source but the problem that I’m facing is when I’m switching from camera NVArgus camera source to V4L2 source then it starts throwing an error saying that SELECT TIMEOUT, but similar behavior is not there while switching from V4l2 to argus.

What can be possible reason for that and how to fix it.

Can i use argus and v4l2 camera source one after another like Nvargus (start)-> NvArgus (close) → V4L2 (start) → v4l2(stop) because i’m getting select timeout when i start v4l2 source.

Hello, this forum is dedicated to discussions related to using the sanitizer tools and API.
Questions related to argus can be raised at DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums

can you lease move it to a correct section

Moved to the correct section.

This seems not DeepStream SDK related, but Jetson platform camera issue.

Which Jetson platform you’re using?

Jetson Nano and Nx

Moving to Jetson NX forum.

It’s duplicate topic with Select() timeout with v4l2cuda ?

No it’s a different issue in this when we switch from nvargus to v4l2 then we don’t get frames

You have to switch to VI mode by below command before switch to v4l2 base capture.

v4l2-ctl -c bypass_mode=0

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