Switching SD cards between Jetson Nanos

Hey there! I have two Jetson Nanos, Jetson 1 has been my development computer and is flashed with all of our software and libraries written and uploaded. Jetson 2 is brand new, never flashed. Jetson 1 has become a brick, for reasons unknown to me. If I were to switch the SD card from Jetson 1 to Jetson 2, would I then be able to use Jetson 2 with all of the files from the SD card? Is that how it works? Are there any risks to either Jetson 1 or Jetson 2 associated with this?


Actually you should to dump the log from Jetson 1. Most likely the bootloader has something corrupted and no matter how many sdcard image you used there, it won’t fix the corruption because bootloader is stored on the Jetson module itself. Have to do reflash with another x86 ubuntu 18.04 host to fix it. (if you don’t want to dump log, you can try to flash first)

The old SD may work on Jetson 2. But I don’t guarantee it either because if the one that corrupt Jetson 1 is on the Sdcard but not bootloader software, then moving the broken sd to another jetson would just lead another crash.

Thanks for the quick response! I’m in a pretty time restricted situation, so I don’t really have the time to debug Jetson 1. Is it possible that switching Jetson 1 SD card to Jetson 2 would cause any permanent damage?

Just to clarify. There won’t be any permanent damage to Jetson hardware if you just switching the sdcard.

There won’t be damage to your sdcard if it just got moved from Jetson 1 to Jetson 2 either.

Also, Jetson 1 is probably not permanent damaged either… as reflash bootloader is kind of the basic things that we are doing everyday.

Ok, thank you for that clarification. I’ll try the reflash bootloader if this doesn’t work.

Thanks again!

Update for anyone interested: switching the SD cards worked, and Jetson 2 works just like Jetson 1 used to.

FYI, the failing Jetson will probably work again if you flash QSPI (SD card models without eMMC put a lot of boot content on the QSPI memory of the module itself and is what builds up the environment for boot prior to handing over to the o/s on the SD card). After that it is possible both would work.

Incidentally, you should clone your SD card as backup.

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