switching shield TV into true portrait mode

Is there a way to switch the shield TV into true portrait mode rather then the emulated
portrait mode which leaves half the screen unused.
This would be particularly useful with a browser app, so that standard web pages can be displayed
in portrait mode, e.g. for a kiosk system.

We would also like to be able to do this for digital signage purposes.

What we need is a way of displaying 2160x3840 images and videos on the screen without pre-rotating the content.

Other hardware, such as Minix, provide this as an option in the display settings of many of their devices. It would be good to see this option on the Shield TV. - Or at least have a way to trigger rotation rather than scaling the portrait output to fit landscape with massive black borders either side.

I see this is an old question, did you find a solution appicenter?

Images could be rotated on the fly. Video I’d need to think about a little. I’ve also seen apps open as portrait, so there must be some combination of flags (build/manifest/runtime) that allow a portrait layout – I just have never looked into it, as shield was 100% designed for CEA 16:9 widescreen displays/TVs.

I’ve seen some hacker throw together a standard android build for SHIELD, and I believe there is a LineageOS build as well. I don’t know how well those function, if they allow normal rotation, etc. But that seems an interesting approach if you really want/need to use shield hardware for a kiosk.

Hello tegradave and friends!

We are also trying to accomplish the same thing (true portrait orientation on the latest SHIELD TV).

We really need to use the official NVIDIA (https://developer.nvidia.com/shield-developer-os-images) image due to stability.

Any chance there is any update on this? A tip to point us in the right direction would be greatly helpful so we could make the necessary modifications ourselves.


No, unfortunately no update at this time. Android TV is made for landscape use. The launcher and apps are designed around that.

Again, I’d recommend looking at third parties like Lineage for a stable externally-built SHIELD non-tv OS, or you could (with some effort) build AOSP android yourself from our OSS git branches (which is certainly what Lineage and others base off of…).

What would help a lot is if at least websites could be rendered without having to pre-rotated
which turns out to be hard.

By by count there are at least three independent ways to display webpages on a shield

  1. using a side loaded browser (chrome or firefox)
  2. using webview from inside an app
  3. using chrome cast (chrome cast is using its own chrome based browser):

Chrome has a rotation mechanism/API, e.g.:

But this seems to be disabled now on the shield.

It would be great if the shield would allow at least one of three browser engines to rotate the screen

tegradave wrote: “Android TV is made for landscape use.”

An existence proof that counters this assertion is the MiBox S. It is a licensed (non-AOSP) AndroidTV 8.1 box that allows individual apps to set their screen orientation as directed. Even the LeanbackSettingsFragment respects the orientation of its parent Activity. Portrait-oriented screens are common in commercial settings, either as kiosks or grouped in menu boards above the cashier. Shield has so much going for it in terms of horsepower and ports, it’s a shame see it blocked from participating in the digital signage market.

has anybody checked if the latest android release changes anything WRT portrait mode.

BTW: As an alternative I am looking into using the jetson nano which runs ubuntu.

Hi Gary,

I have a MiBox S here as well as an NVIDIA Shield and other Android TV Boxes. I could get none of the to work in portrait mode. How did you get your Box to work in portrait mode?

I play pinball in portrait mode.
I have to use OBS
But I wish I could use NVidia for recording.
I love the function to record the last 5 minutes.
Will you implement this in the near future?
I’m not sure if this is the right thread for my question.