Switching to/from battery cause the system to power down

Hi All,

I built battery powered system for Jetson TX2 developer kit carrier board according to app note DA-08405-001_v1.5 “NVIDIA JETSON TX1 AND JETSON TX2 MODULE BATTERY AND CHARGER DESIGN GUIDELINES”
Main parameters: AC/DC output voltage: 15V; 3x battery pack voltage: 10 - 12.6V
The problem is: When I switch off AC/DC, the input voltage of carrier board changes from 15V to Vbat=12V (during tests). At this time, VIN_PWR_BAD_L generates on carrier board and board powered down. The same issue occurs when I switch on AC/DC and input voltage board switches from the battery (12V) to AC/DC (15V).

The same issue I find here

but it’s been half a year already, and maybe there is some new information about fixing the problem?

Hi, as you can see in OEM DG, this function is for uncontrolled power removal case to implement a a controlled shut down. Unmount R90 will stop this function, but it is not suggested.

I have the same issue. What is the suggested fix?

Unfortunately, development kit doesn’t work properly when input voltage rapidly increases or decreases. It includes additional control circuits to generate signal VIN_PWR_BAD for Jetson when input voltage changes. We’ve decided not to make any changes to development kit functionality because it was not suggested by NVIDIA. We had to develop our own battery backup unit with stable output voltage. Development kit works properly when it’s powered from own unit.