Switching uart rx/tx (pins 8 & 10) to gpio TX2

Using Jetson-TX2-Series-Pinmux-Template I changed the Customer Usage for both uart pins 8 & 10 to GPIO3_PT, exported the dtsi files, converted them to cfgs and re-flashed the TX2.

I have two questions:

  1. The pins are listed as ‘rsvd’ instead of ‘unused’, is this anything to be concerned about?

  2. I am unable to test the pins gpio functionality using jetson-gpio as the pins are not registered in the gpio_pin_date.py file. Is it safe/recommended to manually add the pin into this file? Or is their another more common method to enabling the gpio api for pin 8 10?

hello user7414,

that should works, could you please try to toggle the pin by sysfs?
for example,

#define TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO(port, offset) \
  	((TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO_PORT_##port * 8) + offset)
[    0.470658] gpiochip_setup_dev: registered GPIOs 320 to 511 on device: gpiochip0 (tegra-gpio)
[    0.474610] gpiochip_setup_dev: registered GPIOs 256 to 319 on device: gpiochip1 (tegra-gpio-aon)

the gpio number of GPIO3_PT.00 is… 18 * 8 + 0 + 320 = 464
you may enable GPIOs manually once you know the GPIO number,
for example,
# echo 464 > /sys/class/gpio/export
# cd gpio464
# echo 1 > value


Thanks for the quick response, I tried to run the example but I get the following write error:

As a side note I had already ran the following to setup permissions:
sudo groupadd -f -r gpio
sudo usermod -a -G gpio lab

hello user7414,

you may export and control the GPIO with root permission,
please try $ sudo -i for entering root to have verification.

Thank you, that worked. I am able to manually execute control commands to the GPIO. How do I go about adding the pin/s to the Rpi.gpio (jetson-gpio) so that I can control them via software?

hello user7414,

you may add the pin definition then you’ll able to control it through software level.
please look into gpio_pin_data.py and test_all_pins.py for reference,

I’ve been spending time creating the definition for each pin I’ve modified to be GPIO i.e. pins 3, 5, 8, 10. I’ve looked through documentation and forms but I can figure out a couple of values used for the definitions (indicated by cross out text):

  1. I don’t understand where the values 140: 117/47:31 comes from? I understand that 192: 146,/64: 40 represents (GPIO range: Linux GPIO pin number.

  2. I can’t find any documentation or information listing BCM (Broadcom SoC GPIO numbers) for each pin.

hello user7414,

don’t there, Line32-Line47 show the description of each field in the array?

here’s head file to define all the GPIO ports and the calculation formula.
for example, $L4T_Sources/r32.6.1/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/kernel-4.9/include/dt-bindings/gpio/tegra186-gpio.h
please also see the developer guide, GPIO Changes for the instructions to check the GPIO number.

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