Swupdate on R32.5.1

I usually have on my board the Jetpack R32.5.1 and i used swupdate for update my system.

Now i used the jetpack R32.7.1 because i haved issues with jumbo packets on R32.5.1.

Now with my board with the Jetpack R32.7.1 swupdate doesn’t work anymore .

When i used the command “sudo nvbootctrl -t rootfs get-current-slot” , I have the following error :
"Warning: unified bootloader and rootfs a/b is enabled, can NOT inquiry rootfs info! "
I fix the error replacing this command with “sudo nvbootctrl get-current-slot”
But i have always errors on my update .

The fillesystem seems to be corupted with my update on R32.7.1.
I have this error message on the journal :

EXT4-fs warning (device mmcblk0p1): dx_probe:765: inode #17214: comm post_install.sh: Unrecognised inode hash code 4

What are the main differences regarding the update between R32.5.1 and R32.7.1.

Thanks for your help.


I’m not sure what exactly you want to do.
Did you enable A/B redundancy on the device so you want to check the status?
I think you should use our OTA tool for updating the device, but not some tools not maintained by us.