SX1012 Connection to Cisco 4506-E

Hi All,

We are trying to connect SX1012 on Cisco 4506-E 10GBE port. We used 40GbE to 10GbE (DAC) connection cable but the link us up only when I change the speed of Mellanox port to 1GbE. Is there anything missing on our configuration? Does the Cisco port need to force the speed to 10GbE rather than auto-negotiate?




Hi Eddie,

I interchanged MC2309130-005 and MC2609130-003 (split speed to 10Gb if this one).

I also configured the port speed to 10GbE. See its status on GUI.

I will check if they didn’t locked the cables on their end.



Hi All,

Saw this on their forums.

This answered my question. They already used their 10GbE uplinks the reason Mellanox auto negotiated to 1GbE speed.

Single Supervisor Mode

In single supervisor mode, WS-X45-SUP-7L-E supports the uplink configuration of at most either two 10-Gigabit or four 1-Gigabit ports

*Posting external link for future connectivity references.

*Solved: Catalyst 4510R-E 10GB SFP+ Not Working - Cisco Support Community

Thank you.

Hi Reggie,

Which type of cable you are using? what is the vendor and part number?

Cisco are not locking the cable on it’s end?

you configured the port on the Mellanox side to 10G?