SX6036 Partition setup for VLAN communication on Windows Server

Hi All,

recently bought some SX6036F Switches (HP, unfortunatly IB only) for testing purposes

We are trying to setup a Scale Out File server with these to use the RDMA capabilities provided with ConnectX-3 Cards and SX6036

Trying to get SoFS SMB3.1 running with out the hassle of a RoCE setup

We managed to get the basic communication working fine, also with a SET (Switch Embedded Team) on Windows Server 2016 with a vNic untagged attached basic communication works perfect

But the Tagged vNics are not able to communicate, we tried setting up a Partition for VLAN 1056 >> PKey=0x0420, membership=Full,MTU=4K, scope=default(link local)

unfortunatly no luck at all

there is not much info around infiniband and windows systems (most new setups take the RoCE v2 route for win platforms) was hoping to find some answers here

So has anyone tried something similar?, if someone has any idea to point me too some direction i will be very thankful,

trying to wrap my head around this issue for days now but not an inch further