sym_is_refd:bad sty

Compiling a relatively simple netcdf io program with pgf90/linux 64 bit/FC4, I ended up with very cryptic ICE:

Internal compiler error. sym_is_refd:bad sty

referencing the last executable line in the code. Commenting this just moved the referenced line up.

In fact, the parameter dimensions of my arrays were placed after the array definitions: a true coding error. This should be detected by the compiler, but wasn’t. No reference in the error message to the declaration line or the parameter definition line.

No source on the web (or the ICE defined in the PGI manuals) referenced “sym_is_refd:bad sty”, so I’m posting for information more than anything else.

If someone powerful is listening, could they patch the ICE, or make the crash more informative for future users?



Hi Matthieu,

Internal Compiler Errors (ICE) should always be considered a compiler issue, even when the error is caused by a coding problem. Please report these issues to and include all relevant information, including source, which would help us in diagnosing and fixing the problem.