Synchronization of Frames using Jetson TX2 with LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT REV1.2


I want to capture two frames from two different camera devices (Leopard Imaging IMX477) at the same time (synchronized). I was using ‘syncsensor’ sample and modified it to save the images instead of calculating the KL distance. Upon comparing the two images obtained, one seemed a bit delayed than the other. What should I do to try to obtain a better synchronization?


Hi kyle.borg10,
Unfortunately, the LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT + IMX477 camera kit doesn’t support synchronization function. Normally, we need to set the camera to slave or trigger mode in driver, and use FPGA or GPIO pins to send trigger signals to sync the cameras. The LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT board doesn’t support this function.
We have a 6-CAM adapter (LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-6CAM-FP) for Xavier IMX477 camera kit, and the current R32.3.1 driver supports camera sync function.
We also have other camera kits which support camera sync function. Please check the driver support page below (the driver with “FS”).

Hi SimonZhu,

Thank you for confirming this as I tried multiple ways to try to improve the synchronization. I only have the listed hardware as I am using it for my University dissertation, so I have to find some alternative or something totally new to implement. Thanks for your help!

Hi kyle.borg10,

In our Xavier kit, we connected the XVS pins of all cameras, and set one camera as master (XVS as output) and other cameras as slave (XVS as input) in driver for the camera sync function. I just checked the LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT board. You can try below steps to enable the camera sync function.

  1. Connect all pin10 of J1 , J2 and J3 (T2, T7, T9) together on LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT board. Pin10 connects to the XVS pin on IMX477 board.
  2. Set one camera as master and other cameras as slave in driver. You can refer to the register setting in our Xavier 6-CAM patches below.