Synchronizing Multiple Cameras Using I2C Modules

This gives a very nice summary overview of what’s required to sync multiple cameras.

I am wondering if anyone knows of an affordable camera module that is able to act in both master and slave mode, so that the clock signals can be syncd.

I am a hobbyist and hence buying expensive hardware just does not make sense. However I am also trying to learn advanced deep learning topics for autonomous driving.

Thus I am in a spot where I have to waste time on building something that maybe available for just a few hundred USD.

The end goal is a 3 to 4 camera array whose images that will be used for:

  1. 2D object detection and localization
  2. 2D to 3D object detection
  3. Depth Estimation

I have already run the models on sample datasets and downloaded google images searches. I have looked at the CARLA simulator however I truly would like to put a physical PoC together to have something tangible to practice with.

You can consult to camera partner to check there’s such design.