Syntax coloring breaks for some c++ std class members


I have that question open on Stackoverflow. Is there any dev or Nsight expert that could help me with that issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jaggfab,

Thanks for your feedback.
Could you please provide more information for us to reproduce your issue.

  1. Which OS you worked on, Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04…
  2. The version of eclipse that you used
  3. When I create a C++ project with the GCC linux toolchain, all works perfectly fine !
    Please attach the screenshot for what it looks like

  4. The version of CUDA you used.

Amy Liu

Hi Amy,

Some informations you requested :

  1. Ubuntu 16.04
  2. Eclipse Nsight 9.1
  3. Please find a gif file demonstrating two examples of these issues (here string::append not appearing in the drop down list, and breaking syntax coloring, and also map::insert breaking syntax coloring). If I create a new project with GCC toolchain, it all works fine. But if project is created with CUDA toolkit 9.1 as a build toolchain, these occurs with random methods/functions/keywords…
  4. CUDA 9.1

Thanks in advance for your help with that. I have to comment several lines in my code and uncomment only to compile, to be able to work properly.