syntax error causes compiler to hang indefinitely

The following code contains a misspelling of the word “module” which causes the pgf90/95 compiler to hang. We are running PGI 6.1-3 on a Fedora Core 3 system, glibc version 2.3.5.

! modle.f90
! Hangs PGI compiler because of mispelling of "module"

modle fooModule


integer function setval() 
implicit none
real :: r
setval = 5.0
end function 

end module
program foobar
use fooModule
implicit none

real :: rval

rval = setval()
write(*,*) 'rval = ', rval

end program

Hi David,

The problem has been added as TPR#3848 and has been assigned to an compiler engineer for review.

Thank you for the report,