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Hi there,
I am a deep learning engineer wants to run this repo “GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-sample-defectsgen: Reference Extension to apply defects for synthetic data generation” to generate synthetic data. But unable to run it. Can you please share the step-by-step process to run this repo? @WendyGram @mati-nvidia can you please add it to the next developer session? Thanks!

Hi @muhammad.altaf13028. Let me check with the team that build this repo.

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@muhammad.altaf13028 Could you clarify what you mean by step-by-step process to run the repo? Do you mean just using the extension or how the extension was built?

@kit-nvidia-Jen Hello there, I want to use that repo to generate synthetic data. Firstly, Step-by-step means starting from cloning to the generation of data. How to clone, run the code, and how to attach it to the Omniverse code app all these steps? Secondly, Please briefly explain all the scripts files associated with that repo if possible. This will help us to generate customized data according to our own requirements. Thanks!

@kit-nvidia-Jen Hi, waiting for your reply. Will you help in this regard?

Information on downloading the extension and added it to Omniverse can be found here in the Readme: GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-sample-defectsgen: Reference Extension to apply defects for synthetic data generation

There will be a video uploaded later to Youtube on how to use the extension.

@kit-nvidia-Jen I have read the “Read me page” and acted accordingly but unable to run the repo. In the Youtube video, you only touched the key features to use that extension. The first step is to add the extension with the Omniverse app which is missing in that video and unfortunately, commands are not working mentioned in the “Read me page”. Can you please make a short video on how to add that extension with the Omniverse app (screen recorder will work also), OR @mati-nvidia, can you please show how to add this repo to the Omniverse app and run it to generate the synthetic data in next developer office hour? Thanks!

Hi @muhammad.altaf13028

The defect reference extension is scheduled to get some updates to include segmentation along with some doc updates that will help make things clearer. I’ll circle back here with an update when I have more to share on release details.