Synthetic data recorder occlusion metadata

i’m using isaac-sim 2022.2.1 on windows and trying the “synthetic data recorder” extension to generate labels.
I was in particular focused on the occlusion metadata and realized the following writer properties gives(if you can confirm):

  1. occlusion: gives the occlusion of each element of an asset (eg. in case of a cardboard box of the nvidia assets it will gives separately the occlusion of the scotch element and the box element). Note: Is it possible to obtain the occlusion of the whole asset of choice instead of the single elements, i.e. to define the instance as a whole asset instead of an element of an asset?

  2. bounding_box_3d: this will give also an occlusion information that seems correlated with the whole asset (eg. in case of a cardboard box asset it will give the occlusion of the whole cardboard box element)

  3. bounding_box_3d: is it ok to associate the array elements of bounding_box_3d_.npy with the list elements of bounding_box_3d_prim_paths_.json in the same order to retrieve the prim_path name of the bounding_box_3d element of the array?

  4. Moreover I see that the occlusion is defined in general as 1=no occlusion 0=max occlusion.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @davide.silvestri - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to your question.

Hi there,

Removing the label of the scotch element should treat the asset as a whole. See if the annotators details can provide additional information regarding this as well (e.g. Instance Segmentation → Other Notes).

At the moment the occlusion annotator info is not present, it will be added in the near future.
Occlusion annotator output is of type: np.dtype([("instanceId", "<u4"), ("semanticId", "<u4"), ("occlusionRatio", "<f4")])