System Certification for KC

We are in a process of certifying our system for the Korean market (KCC)
We have the TX2 module integrated into the system. In order to receive the approval, the Lab is asking us for the test reports of the individual modules in the system. I found the KCC approval for the TX2 module, however that was not enough and the Lab is asking for the full test report of the module.

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Hi, the full test reports are not public, all we can provide are in DLC. And as you said, the KC_cert is in the package which means the module pass the certification, not sure why the lab still request the report.

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I agree, this request seems unreasonable, to say the least,
however we had a similar issue with other KC certified modules in our system.
In case of other vendors, some agreed to share the report directly with the Lab.
Could that be possible?

It is unavailable at present, we can escalate this request, but not sure if it is possible since no such precedent. If it is available in the future, the docs will be posted to DLC too.

I am sorry to add here again. This is the reply from the Lab:

  1. The NVIDIA TX2 board has KC and its certification number is as follows.
    Model : P3310
    KC Certification Number : MSIP-CRM-NVA-P3310

  2. In the number ‘CRM’, ‘R’ means RF and it doesn’t have general EMC. If it is certified for RF and CPU board together, it should be ‘M’, multi. Therefore, its use is only for WIFI. Not for a CPU board.

  3. We tested the board for general EMC (CPU), so its certificate is not compatible as the TX2 has KC for RF only. In this case, the board needs another test to change its certification. So they request test report for wireless and also EMC to check it.

  4. According to the Lab, other countries, JAPAN, USA, they have general EMC as well, but not in Korea KC. So they are requesting test reports.

Hi, please refer to this info: P3310 has RF certification. Any customer who built their end product using P3310, they can use P3310 RF certification number but definitely they need additional EMC test for their end product. Customer need two certification, one is RF certification – this can be waived, another one is their end product EMC certification – this is customer’s due.