System Configuration -> CUDA & Firestream SDK

I would like to configure my upcoming PC for a CUDA environment and possibly even for ATI’s HPC environment. Due to the cost of a TESLA card and especially a Firestream 9170 I’ll be selecting ‘regular’ graphics cards instead.

For the short term I’d like to go just with a single 8800GT card which will be used primarily for video/graphics (no HPC).

Late next month I’d like to add the upcoming HD 4850 card to my setup.

So, now I’ll have a ATI GPU and a NVIDIA GPU in my system. Ideally I’d like to toggle between the two using one as the video card and the other as the GPGPU for HPC. This would allow me to do development on 2 different GPU platforms.

Does anyone know if a setup like this is doable? Can I mix and match like this? I’m not sure the best way to enable which card is active for video.

Please post your comments.

*I am not interested in ever pursuing SLI or CrossfireX with this setup.


it would only be possible in linux, as you cannot have 2 video-drivers active at the same time in windows if I understood correctly.

OK, thanks for the feedback. Since I will be working in a Windows environment, I guess that I will have to choose either NVIDIA or ATI.