System crash issues with NVENC

I am experiencing repeatable system crashes while using NVENC to encode h264 videos with my 1650 GTX on Arch Linux, and have attached the results of running “” on the first boot after one of these crashes.

During these crashes:

  1. GPU Temperature is low, usually 35-40 C.
  2. A variety of different programs can trigger the crash by calling NVENC, including handbrake, vlc, ffmpeg.
  3. The crashes occur at random times, but always occur given enough time using NVENC.
  4. Running various OpenCL or CUDA kernels does not seem to trigger the crash, but running NVENC regularly leads to a crash.
  5. What I mean by crash: The entire operating system freezes. All I/O is halted. Screen is frozen with the last frame showing. I’ve tried finding relevant information in the Linux kernel logs but to no avail, so I’ve attached the nvidia bug report log in the hope that something can be found.
    nvidia-bug-report.log (676.0 KB)