SYSTEM CRASH using CUDA BLue screen


Just now i saw a blue screen on my desktop with lots of information.

I had to forcefully restart the system.

I am tremblingly shocked.

Now before i move any further, i need to check my system and GPU specially.

Is there any means by which i can GPU device status like we have for CPU (taskmgr.exe)?
Before i develop CUDA-phobia i need to see my GPU.


Well if there is any tool by which i can monitor my device resources etc. like we do with taskmgr.exe for CPU, it would have been much easier!

if you pos what the blue screen says we can post suggestions.

you shouldnt need to monitor what your GPU is doing, but GPU-Z does show how much memory is being used, the load on the memory controller and on the core, as well as individual temperatures for all the separate parts of your garphics card.