System freeze and xorg reset when using Firefox with BaseMosaic on 285GTX

I recently enabled BaseMosaic on my dual 285GTX system (one monitor per video card).
Everything works ok, except Firefox.
When I use it, after a few minutes (sometimes even seconds) one of these two things happens:

  1. The two screens flash quickly to black a couple of times, then everything (including the cursor) freezes for about 3 minutes, then the two screens go to DPMS sleep for a few seconds, then xorg is restarted.


  1. Xorg is restarted immediately

This is with driver 334.21 x64, using KDE 4.12 (kwin). Scrolling quickly seems to make it happen sooner. Other Browsers like Chrome dont’t produce this problem.

The attached logs were taken just after the xorg restart when it happened. There are always Xid errors in dmesg when this happens; sometimes for a single card, sometimes for both.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (110 KB)

Is this issue repro of you disable BaseMosaic ? What are the web pages you browsing ?

It happens only with BaseMosaic, not with other configs (Zaphod etc).

It seems the website is irrelevant, it happened on facebook, phoronix and any other I browsed long enough, especially woth long pages.

I just found out that exactly the same happens with Inkscape too, after a few seconds of usage…

What are the web links you are opening in firefox ? Are you watching any flash video? what version of firefox you are running ? Is the issue repro with also gnome or unity except KDE 4.12 (kwin)? Can you please provide step by step reproduction steps?

  • Last time it happened on this webpage:
  • It happens both with and without flash, but flash seems to make it happen faster
  • I’m using Firefox 27
  • It happened also in Xfce 4, so it’s not only a KDE problem
  • It is a random problem, so it is difficult to provide step by step reproduction steps: sometimes it happens as soon as you open a website, sometimes it takes half an hour of browsing before it happens.
  • Other applications that make it happen are Inkscape and GIMP

Today I upgraded to Xorg 1.15 and kernel 3.13 and it’s still happening, maybe even more frequently. Also, for the first time it happened while simply idling at the desktop.

Still happening with driver version 337.25 and kernel 3.15, freezed within seconds of opening Gimp. Can I hope for a fix?

This seems to be a problem of all 285/295 model cards, I have noticed that nvidia-settings says that my video memory clock is set to 2000mhz, but the 285m I have is rated only at half that speed, the newer drivers may be misconfigured for this card. Does anyone else get an immediate crash when trying to use the overclocking tab in nvidia-settings? The Ubuntu NVIDIA 17X driver does not have this issue, but it also doesnt have reclocking support. If anyone here who is suffering from this problem has an extra nvidia card of the 300 or 400 series, I would reccomend they do a swap to a different gpu and see if its just a problem with this specific set of GPUs.