System freezes after GRUB with Nvidia 460/465 and DP

After upgrading to 46x.x my system with GTX 1080Ti is failing to boot. It freezes completely right after GRUB and I can’t log to tty. I tried 465.27 and 460.80 and the problem persists. Now I’m using Vulkan dev 455.50.14 and there’s no problem at all. The only workaround for the moment is to use HDMI cable. All of the tested versions are running great with HDMI. I saw many such problems on the Web and I get the idea for the HDMI workaround from the Arch forum. There are other users with this problem in this forum.

Here you are the log but it’s with 455.50.14. I can’t login to system with Nvidia 460/465 to get a log, I’m sorry.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (265.7 KB)

Can I get some attention here?

Also have this same issue with 460 + being from manjaro stable branch

It crashes the whole system, cant ssh or get to tty.

reverting the updates with a backup and adding the results of ‘pacman -Q | grep nvidia’ to ignore pkg list gets it to work. Unplugging my DP monitor gets it to work on 460+, otherwise it crashes on boot.

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Thanks for confirming, now let’s hope they will finaly look at this serious problem.

Most likely this known issue …

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Thanks, didn’t saw this report.