System freezing and rebooting nobara linux (fedora), additional displays problem?

Just couple days ago everything worked fine then recently system started freezing and rebooting. Got 2x4090 in there. After trial and error system seems to be stable when disconnecting all other displays, leaving only main one.
Connecting TV LGC2 4k 120hz on display port and another monitor on HDMI 60hz system freezes and reboots frequently. Now only having one display Wacom Cintiq 32" pro on display port and seems to be stable.

Any ideas?
Latest nobara 39 (fedora 39) and Driver Version: 545.29.06

Also someone on nobara discord noticed this in log (log cuts off witouth any error messages):

one thing caught my attention though. nvidia-drm.modeset=1 fbdev=1 that should be nvidia-drm.modeset=1 nvidia-drm.fbdev=1

I;ve replaced taht as well so will test reconnecting mroe displys later to see how it goes.

Also this is all on X11. Wayland is pretty much unusable…