System.img mksparse tool behavior is abnormal

Dear nvidia team:
We use the mksparse tool to generate system images. The system.img converted from the same SSD is 19G and 26G. Why is there such a difference? APP partitions are all the same size.The command is “mksparse -v --fillpattern=0 goldenimage.raw system.img”


Can you please elaborate the issue more?

You mean you have two different systems, and get different image sizes after backup?

Size of partitions is not the point; it’s how much space actually being taken up matters.

Yes,I just only modified the customer’s version file.

I don’t know what you are talking about.
What do you have with df- h when getting the 26GB image?
How did you backup the raw image?

dd if=/dev/nvme0n1p1 | dd of=Public/goldenimage.raw

It’s the same as this topic:
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I don’t feel like it’s the correct way doing it.
Please see if you get the same result with this:

There is no permission to operate according to the link steps you send me above.What’s the reason?

I don’t think the initrd includes any driver for manipulating NTFS partitions; use ext4 instead.

I follow the way you told me and get the system.img size is 19GB and not 26G.So I will release the version in the way you said. If the image I get is still much larger than the actual occupancy size, this way may be problematic and unstable.

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