System lockup after insert micro SD card

Hi Guys,

We refer to TK1 to design our own board, and our design is micro-sd, adn the image I flashed is R21.4.
I find out that system would lock-up after I insert the micro-sd card, and I get the kernel log and compare it with TK1’s. They are different, the following log would be show after I insert micro-sd card,

[ 79.807583] sdhci: =========== REGISTER DUMP (mmc1)===========
[ 79.813413] sdhci: Sys addr: 0x00000000 | Version: 0x00000303
[ 79.819238] sdhci: Blk size: 0x00007008 | Blk cnt: 0x00000001
[ 79.825062] sdhci: Argument: 0x00000000 | Trn mode: 0x00000013
[ 79.830887] sdhci: Present: 0x01fb0206 | Host ctl: 0x00000011
[ 79.836711] sdhci: Power: 0x0000000d | Blk gap: 0x00000000
[ 79.842536] sdhci: Wake-up: 0x00000000 | Clock: 0x00000407
[ 79.848358] sdhci: Timeout: 0x0000000e | Int stat: 0x00000000
[ 79.854182] sdhci: Int enab: 0x02ff000b | Sig enab: 0x02fc000b
[ 79.860006] sdhci: AC12 err: 0x00000000 | Slot int: 0x00000000
[ 79.865829] sdhci: Caps: 0x376fd080 | Caps_1: 0x10002f73
[ 79.871652] sdhci: Cmd: 0x0000333a | Max curr: 0x00000000
[ 79.877474] sdhci: Host ctl2: 0x00003000
[ 79.881391] sdhci: ADMA Err: 0x00000000 | ADMA Ptr: 0xae842010
[ 79.887209] sdhci: ===========================================
[ 111.872639] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#for 30s!81]

Could anyone please give me some suggest to debug ?


Hi All,

I found out the lock up reason, the reason is our hardware design error, that is, our data bus pin is in reverse order. Is it possible that change software (driver) to fix the error ? If yes, where I need to modify ?

Hi WesleyLIN

Since the cause has been confirmed as a hardware design error; and no details regarding your HW design.
To avoid the unexpected SW issue coming, we would suggest to do the HW rework for now, and to correct this design error at the next version of HW.


Hi Kayccc,

Thanks for your suggestion.