System memory leak with Quadro-series driver when using buffer objects

Please see the following thread in the OpenGL forums:

I am also seeing this system memory leak with Windows XP / Windows 7 Quadro-series (specifically the nVidia Quadro 4000) performance and ODE driver for ANY driver revision AFTER 276.52. My team produces software that uses OpenGL 3.2-compliant code to read terrain data, airport data and obstacle data from databases and renders the data to the user’s display.

The issue with the memory leak seems to center upon the following:
Rendering anything using buffer objects, and possibly display lists, causes memory to leak slowly. The larger the number of handles used (display list handles, buffer object handles) the more memory leaks per frame drawn. There are no visible artifacts that we’re aware of to help us determine where the leak is happening.

Has anyone else seen this? I have confirmed that the leak does not happen with Geforce drivers. Is there a workaround other than using a non-Quadro card (or a card from a different GPU manufacturer?)

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